Below is a list of activist, social justice, credible news outlets, educational resources, and inspiration.  If you have other resources or feedback to add please email

Deportation/Immigration Assistance
(Deportation Assistance, Immigration Rights, Advocacy Organizations and Campaigns)

Voting Resources
(Voter Registration Resources, Learn about Issues and Candidates on Your Ballot, Free Rides to Vote and/or Register to Voter, Tips on Fighting Voter Suppression, Volunteer During Election Day)

Teaching and Organizing Guides and Resources
(Teaching Guides, Activism Guides, Anti-Racism Guides, Anti-Harassment Guides, Local Campaigns to Start, Social Change Media)

Activism and Accountability Websites
(Fact Checking Sites, Political Research Sites, Activist Apps, Phone Call Activism, Petition Sites, Raise Funds for Political Action, Secure Private Messaging Sites, How to Privately Visit Sites, Charity Watchdogs, Find/Organize Donations that Save Lives)

News Resources and Credible Outlets
(The Consolidation of News, Independent & Credible News, Highest Pulitzer Winners, Fact Checking Resources, Non-Credible News, Fake News)

Significant Speeches and Video
(Important and inspiring highlights since 2016)

Need Inspiration?
(Inspiring activist speeches, photojournalism, and quotes throughout history)

Protest Music
(Activist music and poetry)