Recordings, Readings, and Assignments: 2020 Intro to Racism and White Privilege

July: Systems and Internalizations

  • July 8: Systems and Fragility
  • July 15: Whiteness
  • July 22: Internalizations and Bias

Pre-Class: Readings and Viewings


  • Take Ally Henny: White Fragility Self-Test
    • Try to identify at least 3 topics, conversations, etc. about racism that cause a reaction.  Identify what that reaction is and some possible actions to do when you feel this reaction.
  • Review People’s School of DC: Common Excuses to Deny Racism and White Privilege
    • Pick five common excuses, from the People’s School page or from your own life, you hear in your own life used to deny, minimized, distort the reality of the racism and white privilege occurring today.  Write out a rebuttal for each.  Class participants will have the opportunity to share some of these rebuttals during the fourth Wednesday Schedule.
  • Pick 5 activists and organizations to follow on social media
    • Review their past posts and pick 1 lesson to present to class

Supplemental Readings and Viewings





August: History of White Supremacy

  • Aug 5: Colonialism and Capitalism
  • Aug 12: US Foundations of White Supremacy
  • Aug 19: Whitewashing US History

September: Solidifying Segregation

  • Sept 9: Racial Segregation
  • Sept 16: Housing Discrimination, Banking, and Black Capitalism
  • Sept 23: Racial Histories Not Taught in School

October: Strategic Racism

  • Oct 7: Patriarchy and White Supremacy
  • Oct 14: Rightwing Politics
  • Oct 21: Neoliberalism and Neocolonialism

November: Mass Incarceration

  • Nov 4: Rise of Mass Incarceration
  • Nov 11: Prison industrial complex
  • Nov 18: Policing

December: Modern Spatial Racism

  • Dec 2: Gentrification & Affordable Housing
  • Dec 9: Environmental Racism
  • Dec 16: Food Justice

January: Xenophobia

  • Jan 6: Anti-immigrant
  • Jan 13: Latinx and Asian American Discrimination
  • Jan 20: Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Palestinian

February: Confronting Racism

  • Feb 3: Understanding Effects of Racism and Learning to Decolonize
  • Feb 10: Strategies to Effectively Challenge Racism: 101
  • Feb 17: Strategies to Effectively Challenge Racism: 201