People’s School Workshops

The goal of the People’s School of DC is to develop, organize and implement social justice resources and education opportunities, without traditional academic barriers, in the greater DC area.

Below are current events

2020 Intro to Racism & White Privilege Webinar Course

The People’s School of DC 2019 “Introduction to Racism and White Privilege course” has been converted to a recorded webinar format starting in July. Each class will allow limited participants to join live while being recorded and shared with unlimited participants. This is a free 24-class course on the many different forms of racism and white privilege in the US, specifically focusing on forms beyond the “explicit” and “easy to see”, through a multi-media lecture series presenting 100s of anti-racism concepts, perspectives, strategies, resources, speeches, videos, books, articles, and ways to get involved in modern day efforts to dismantle white supremacy.

Further Education on Racism and White Privilege

Online educational supplement to the Intro to Racism and White Privilege Course

Food Justice Webinars

Recorded food justice webinars from
DC Parks and Rec (DPR) Urban Grower Webinar Courses

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Frequently updated list of social justice workshops, lectures, activism, important community meetings, hosted by social justice orgs in greater DC

Want to Get Involved?
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