Partner Sites

Resource Networking Partnerships

Many of our cooperative members are working on managing other resource sharing websites. Check out some of our resource partners below.


DUG Network
DC Urban Gardeners (DUG) Network is a volunteer cooperative and online resource hub for community-based urban Ag, food security and environmental initiatives in greater DC.  DUG Network also has an extensive monthly newsletter promoting new gardens, workshops, programs, events, grants, jobs across the District.  View previous newsletters or sign up for new ones here.

The Responsible Consumer
Welcome to the “The Responsible Consumer” an online resource guide on how to change the world with your purchases and actions. Please explore our database of actions and causes on the top menu for information about products to boycott or promote, and campaigns, nationally and locally, to learn about, follow or support.

DC Food Recovery Working Group
We are a consortium of individuals from over 50 different organizations working to reduce food waste and feed more people in the Washington, DC region. Want to reduce your “foodprint”? Explore our site to learn about how you can take action, and follow our blog and social media accounts for the latest on local events and initiatives.

Humane DC
a local resource for improved animal welfare options for the greater Washington, DC area, which includes a plethora of sources for more humane food, clothes, products and pet services