Anti-Racism Activists and Outlets to Follow

Below is a list of anti-racism activists, outlets, workshops, and guides.  To add additional resources and people to this list please email

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Anti-racism Activists to Follow

Anti-racism News Outlets and Podcasts to Follow

Activist created Online Workshops and Guides

Anti-racism Consultants

Anti-racism Activists to Follow

Adrienne Keene
Cherokee prof, indigenous activist and scholar.  Writes the Native Appropriations blog. Co-host of @amrpodcast.

Adrienne Maree
Author, activist, black feminist based in Detroit. ED of Ruckus Society from 2006 to 2010. Wrote Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, demonstrating how activists can tap into emotional and erotic desires to organize against oppression.

Aja Barber
Anti-racism, feminism and intersectional writer and sustainable fashion consultant. Check out Aja’s Awesome Book Club which focuses on feminism and race.

Ally Henny
Activist and writing.  Contributor for @thewitnessbcc.  Personal Blog:

Alicia Garza
HBIC @ Black Futures Lab. Host of Lady Don’t Take No podcast. strategy+partnerships @ NDWA, co-creator #BlackLivesMatter

Activist supporting all Asians’ struggles while speaking against racism & Western imperialism

Austin Channing Brown
Austin Channing Brown authored the bestseller I’m Still Here and is the creator of The Next Question and Flourish HQ. Her work centers the Black experience in America and engages a diverse audience in the work of racial justice.

Ava DuVernay
Activist and filmmaker of such anti-racism films as When They See Us, Selma, and 13th and founder of ARRAY which produces, distributes, exhibits and amplifies images by black artists, people of color and women of all kinds.

Bell Hooks
American author, professor, feminist, and social activist.

Black Girl Tribe
A non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of Black girls by advocating for change and increasing access to sustainable resources for Black girls.

Blair Imani
Blair Imani is an author, educator, and influencer. She is the author of Read This To Get Smarter, Making Our Way Home, and Modern HERstory.

Bree Newsome
Activist and artist who drew national attention in 2015 when she climbed the flagpole in front of the South Carolina Capitol building and removed a confederate battle flag.

Check Your Privilege
A collective of educators guiding folx on the journey of becoming actively anti-racist.
Founder: @myishathill

Deray Mckesson
Activist, Organizer, Educator, Author, @PodSaveThePpl

Educators for Justice
Social justice lessons, resources, workshops for educators

Feminist, antiracist, social justice activist

Franchesca Ramsey (Chescaleigh)
Writer, actress, video blogger and host of the MTV News web series Decoded.

From Privilege to Progress
“Desegregating the convo about racism since ‘18” Run by @michellesaahene @thewildsister

History Cool Kids 
Mini history lessons often around anti-racism and social justice.

Jay Smooth
A cultural commentator best known for his Ill Doctrine video blog which focuses on social justice, politics, culture, and creativity.

Killer Mike
Pan Africanist Gangster Rapper, Civic Leader & Activist

Ibram X. Kendi
Author and historian who won the 2016 National Book Award for Nonfiction for his book Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

Ijeoma Oluo
Writer and speaker.  Author of “So You Want to Talk About Race”, writer  for The Guardian, Jezebel, The Stranger, Medium and The Establishment, where she is also an editor-at-large

Layla Saad
Layla Saad is a writer, speaker, podcast host & racial justice advocate whose work explores the intersections of race, spirituality, feminism & leadership. Layla is the author of the ground-breaking Me And White Supremacy Workbook (2018), and the host of Good Ancestor Podcast.

Learning for Justice
Previously known as “Teaching Tolerance”. Free resources to educators—teachers, administrators, counselors and other practitioners—who work with children from kindergarten through high school. Educators may use materials to supplement the curriculum, to inform their practices, and to create inclusive school communities where children and youth are respected, valued and welcome participants.

Linda Sarsour
Co-founder of @untilfreedom and Palestinian-Muslim-American organizer from Brooklyn

Little Feminist Book Club
intersectional Monthly book club subscription teaching kids empathy, love, diversity & gender equity

Liz Kleinrock
Anti-bias educator on Instagram who won the 2018 Teaching Tolerance Award Winner

Luvvie Ajayi Jones
NYTimes best-selling author of I’M JUDGING YOU. Wacky Wordsmith. Side-Eye Sorceress. Jollof Enthusiast. Podcast:@RantsRandomness.

Antiracism activist

Michelle Alexander
Michelle Alexander is a writer, civil rights advocate, and visiting professor at Union Theological Seminary. She is best known for her 2010 book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, and is an opinion columnist for The New York Times Also check out The New Jim Crow social media account.

Michelle Cassandra Johnson
Social justice activist, anti-racism trainer, author, yoga teacher.  Her website has lots of trainings and workshops.

Nikole Hannah-Jones
Nikole Hannah-Jones is an award-winning investigative reporter covering racial injustice for the New York Times Magazine. She investigates the way racial segregation in housing and schools is maintained through official action and policy.

Noura Erakat
Professor, human rights attorney and Palestinian activist.  Newest book: Justice for Some

Opal Tometi
Nigerian-American black human rights activist, writer, strategist, and community organizer. She is a co-founder of Black Lives Matter.

Patrisse Cullors
Artist, organizer, educator, Los Angeles native and Co-Founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network and Founder and Board Chair of grassroots Los Angeles based organization Dignity and Power Now.

Rachael Cargle
Rachel Cargle is an activist, writer, and lecturer. Her activist and academic work are rooted in providing intellectual discourse, tools, and resources that explore the intersection of race and womanhood. Her social media platforms boast a community of over 40k where Rachel guides conversations, encourages critical thinking and nurtures meaningful engagement with people all over the world.

Rachel Ricketts
Racial justice activist, lawyer, healer, speaker and writer,  who focuses on educating White people on their role in perpetuating White supremacy, helping POC and mixed folks heal from internalized oppression, and offering practical solutions for all hue-mans to dismantle racist heteropatriarchy. Rachel hosts online and in-person workshops including her renowned Spiritual Activism  series which promotes racial justice, reconciliation and healing for all hue-mans, prioritizing the needs and comfort of Black and Indigenous womxn.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II
President & senior lecturer @BRepairers, architect of #MoralMondays #MoralMovement & co-chair @UniteThePoor #PoorPeoplesCampaign

Robin DiAngelo
Academic, lecturer, and author working in the fields of critical discourse analysis and whiteness studies.  Best know for her book “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism”

Sandra Kim
Sandra Kim is the Founder and Training Director of Re-Becoming Human and Founder and President of Everyday Feminism. Sandra is dedicated to living into spiritual and social liberation in each and every moment and nurturing loving communities that support these intentions.

Scott Woods
Scott Woods is the author of Urban Contemporary History Month (2016, Brick Cave Books) and  We Over Here Now (2013, Brick Cave Books), president of Poetry Slam, Inc. and is the co-founder of the Writers’ Block Poetry Night.

So you want to talk about
Dissecting progressive politics and social issues in graphic slideshow form!

Ta-Nehisi Coates
Ta-Nehisi Coates is a national correspondent for The Atlantic, where he writes about culture, politics, and social issues. He is the author of The Beautiful Struggle, Between the World and Me, and We Were Eight Years in Power.

The conscious kid
Blog and social media platforms promoting parenting and education through a Critical Race Lens.

The Red Nation Movement
Queer Indigenous feminism activist

Anti-racism and social justice instagram account

The Slow Factory
Social Justice activist blog who also hosts IG live social justice interviews called Slow Talks

Tim Wise
Anti-racist writer and educator and host of the new podcast, Speak Out with Tim Wise

Van Jones
CNN political contributor, the host of the Van Jones Show and The Redemption Project.

Wear Your Voice Magazine
Feminist Magazine Centering the Voices of Black & Brown Queer Women, Femmes, Trans & Non Binary People

Yousef Munayyer
Political analyst, writer, Palestinian activist and Executive Director of USCPR

Social media campaign that educates around ‘white saviorism’.  Created by, Olivia Alaso and Kelsey Nielsen,  2 social-workers who became friends while working for an NGO in Uganda.

Support Social Justice Activists

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  • If you’re living above poverty line look for ways to support financially
    • Buy books, resources, workshops
    • Donation pages, vemno, etc.
    • Look for Patreon links
    • Don’t feel shame if you can’t afford

“Here’s some hard facts and this is for the white ladies particularly. If you do not fall above or around the poverty line and you continue to regularly consume the work of marginalized people particularly women of color without payment, you are continuing to aid in #oppression. @sonyareneetaylor brought up the case of Zora Neal Hurston who died penniless despite having her work regularly consumed and cited today. Henrietta Lacks family never received a penny from her cells which have benefitted the entire world including you and me. Billie Holiday also died penniless despite her work also being consumed far and wide today. I’m sure if you give it some thought you can think of ten other examples of black women and non binary folks who’s work is consumed by everyone (especially higher education) but did not live to see the profits which educational systems within #whitesupremacy are enjoying.” Aja Barber

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Anti-racism News Outlets and Podcasts to Follow

News Outlets


Equal Justice Initiative

Everyday Feminism

PBS Docs and PBS News

The Atlantic

The Root

Vera Institute of Justice

Vox News

Yes! Magazine

Zinn Education Project


Code Switch (NPR)

Intersectionality Matters! hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw

Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast

Pod For The Cause (from The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights)

Pod Save the People (Crooked Media)

Seeing White

1619 Podcast

Podcasts for Parents

Fare of the Free Child podcast

Integrated Schools podcast episode “Raising White Kids with Jennifer Harvey”

Parenting Forward podcast episode ‘Five Pandemic Parenting Lessons with Cindy Wang Brandt’

Parenting for Liberation
(#29: PACT Camp Workshop on White Privilege to White Adoptive Parents of Black Children)

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Activist created Online Workshops and Guides

Aja Barber: Awesome Book Club

Food Solutions New England (FSNE): 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

Layla Saad: Me And White Supremacy Workbook

Rachael Cargle: Unpacking White Feminism & The Start: An Anti-Racism Intensive Workshop (Tour lectures and in-person workshops)

Rachael Ricketts: Spirtual Activism Course (online)

Sandra Kim: Healing from Internalized Whiteness (Mixture of online and in-person courses )

Robin DiAngelo: Readers Guide to White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism

Training For Change: Numerous online Anti-racism Trainings

National organizations that host anti-racism workshops across the country

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Anti-racism Consultants

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