2020 Intro to Racism and White Privilege Webinar Course

The People’s School of DC 2019 “Introduction to Racism and White Privilege course” has been converted to a webinar format, that will be recorded and publicly shared, starting in July. This is a FREE 24-class course on the many different forms of racism and white privilege in the US, specifically focusing on forms beyond the “explicit” and “easy to see”, through a multi-media lecture series presenting hundreds of anti-racism concepts, perspectives, strategies, resources, speeches, quotes, videos, books, articles, and ways to get involved in modern day efforts to dismantle white supremacy.

  • Timing
    • Updated timing! Due to limited capacity 1-2 classes will be recorded and sent out a month
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      • Monthly Cohorts (Suspended for now.  Just doing recordings Will try to restart live webinars soon

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Each month of classes are organized around central themes
See bottom of page for schedule with all class topics

Schedule Updates:  Due to limited capacity 1-2 classes a month will be recorded and sent out

July: Systems and Internalizations
July 8: Systems and Fragility
July 15: Whiteness
July 22: Internalizations and Bias

August: History of White Supremacy
Aug 5:    Colonialism and Capitalism
Aug 12: US Foundations of White Supremacy
Aug 19: Whitewashing US History

September: History of Spatial Racism
Sept 9: Racial Segregation
Sept 16: Housing Discrimination, Banking, and Black Capitalism
Sept 23: Racial Histories Not Taught in School

October: Strategic Racism
Oct 7: Patriarchy and White Supremacy
Oct 14: Rightwing Politics
Oct 21: Neoliberalism and Neocolonialism

November: Mass Incarceration
Nov 4:   Rise of Mass Incarceration
Nov 11: Prison industrial complex
Nov 18: Policing

December: Modern Spatial Racism
Dec 2:   Gentrification and Affordable Housing
Dec 9:   Environmental Racism
Dec 16: Food Justice

January: Xenophobia
Jan 6:  Anti-immigrant
Jan 13: Latinx and Asian American Discrimination
Jan 20: Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Ant-Palestinian

February: Confronting Racism
Feb 3:   Understanding Effects of Racism and Learning to Decolonize
Feb 10: Strategies to Effectively Challenge Racism: 101
Feb 17: Strategies to Effectively Challenge Racism: 201

Schedule is Subject to Change!!!
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Supplemental Learning Opportunities
There will be pre-readings for each month of classes with discussion and homework opportunities for further learning on the 4th Wednesday of each month emailed to everyone who registers

Action Opportunities
This course is meant to supplement, not replace, taking action to dismantle racism.  Please visit these sites on how to get more involved in Greater DC area.

Teacher Bio
All the lecture classes in this course will be taught by Josh Singer with possible guest facilitators.  Josh spent 3 years after the 2016 election researching and creating the 2019 Introduction to Racism and White Privilege course and another year researching, improving, and converting the course onto an online platform.  After growing up in a very white segregated Sundown town, Josh Singer has spent the last two decades of his life attempting to learn about his internalized whiteness and the systems of white supremacy he lives in, through various experiences from participating in dozens of anti-racism courses and initiatives, teaching high school history, studying in a history masters program, a decade of community organizing, managing several social justice projects and resource websites, working as a food justice advocate, and writing a weekly social justice blog.

Schedule with Class Topics

July: Systems and Whiteness
Class 1: Systems and Fragility
Defining Racism • White Fragility • Common Excuses to Deny Racism and White Privilege • Systemic Racism • Rise of Race Neutral Racism
Class 2: Whiteness
Creation of White, Culture of Whiteness • White Privilege • Color Blind/Post Racial Myth, White Savior Complex • Whitelash • White Centering (White Fragility, White Comfort, White Guilt, White Victimhood/White Tears) • Respectability Politics (Tone Policing, Civility, Divisiveness, Spiritual Bypassing • White Silence • Non-Physical Racial Violence)
Class 3: Internalizations and Bias
Internalizations and Socializations • Stereotypes vs. Racial Biases • History of Racial Stereotypes • Modern Racial Bias, Misrepresentation in Media • Understanding Your Own Bias • Microaggressions • The Anti-PC Movement • The N-Word, Dehumanization • Cultural Appropriation

August: History of White supremacy
Class 1: Colonialism and Capitalism
Narratives • Rise of European Capitalism, Capitalism + Imperialism = Colonialism • African Colonialism • American colonialism • Native Americans Today
Class 2: US Foundation of White Supremacy
The Impact of Historic Racism and White Privilege, Slavery and the Failure of Reconstruction • White Terrorism and Lynching • History of Voter Suppression
Class 3: Whitewashing US History
Whitewashing US History • The Lost Cause of the Confederacy Movement • The Birth of a Written US Black History • Radical Historians and New Social Scientists • Critical Race Theory (CRT) • The 21st Century Textbook Fight

September: Solidifying Segregation
Class 1: Racial segregation
History of Segregation, Desegregation, and Re-segregation • White Resistance
Class 2: Housing Discrimination, Banking, and Black Capitalism
History of Housing Discrimination • Modern Housing Discrimination • History of Banking discrimination • Black banking • Nixon’s Black capitalism
Class 3: Racial Histories Not Taught in School
Black Land Theft • Racial History of Welfare • Racial History of Unions and Right to Work Policies • Racial History of Gun Ownership • Racial History of Standardize Testing • Racial History of American Medicine • 50 years after the Kerner Commission

October: Strategic Racism
Class 1: Patriarchy and White Supremacy
Presenting lessons from the following books: The Creation of Patriarchy (Lerner) • Witch and Caliban (Federici) • At the Dark End of the Street (McGuire) • Welfare Racism (Neubeck and Cazenave) • Killing the Black Body (Roberts) • Women, Race, & Class (Davis) • How We Get Free : Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective (Taylor)
Class 2: Rightwing Politics
Dog Whistle Politic • Southern Strategy • The Religious Right • Rightwing Media • Tea Party, Trump and His Supporters • White Terrorism
Class 3: Neoliberalism and Neo-colonialism
Colonialism vs. Neocolonialism • Types of Neocolonialism • Neoliberalism

November: Mass Incarceration
Class 1: Rise of Mass Incarceration
Modern Racial Disparities in the Justice System • Institutional Racism in US Criminally Justice System, • Historic Racism in US Criminally Justice System • Modern “Race Neutral” Racist Criminal Laws • War on Drugs
Class 2: Prison industrial complex
Racial History of Prisons • Private Slave Labor Prison Systems • History of Bail Bonds • Felon Disenfranchisement • School-to-Prison Pipeline • Restorative Justice
Class 3:  Policing
Racial History of US Police • Modern Policing Issues • The Criminalization of Civil Rights Activists, COINTELPRO • Reform Movement • Abolition Movement • Alternatives to Calling the Police

December: Spatial Racism
Class 1:  Gentrification and Affordable Housing
What is Gentrification? • History of Affordable Housing Crisis • Affordable Housing Crisis Today • Eviction Crisis • Impact of Home Sharing Rental Platforms (Airbnb, etc.) • Possible Solutions• Strategies for Community Organizing to Fight Gentrification
Class 2:  Environmental Racism
What is Environmental Racism • Environmental Injustices Today • Decolonizing the Environmental Movement
Class 3:  Food Justice
What is Food Justice • The History of the US Food System • The Real Farm to Table: Farm and Food Worker Rights • Environmental Racism in Our Food System • Food Apartheid • Food Sovereignty

January: Xenophobia
Class 1:  Anti-Immigration
Xenophobia • History of Immigration Discrimination • Historic Waves of Anti-immigrant Xenophobia in US • Modern Anti-Immigrant • Current Xenophobic Anti-Immigrant Wave, Problems in Current Immigration System • US Policies that Caused Immigration Crisis • The Fear of Demographic Change • Intersectionalities of Xenophobia
Class 2: Latinx and Asian American Discrimination
History of Latin American Discrimination • Modern Latin American discrimination • History of Asian American Discrimination • Modern Asian American Discrimination
Class 3:  Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Palestinian
Overview of Islamophobia • Overview of Anti-Semitism • Overview of Anti-Palestinian • Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Palestinian

February: Confronting Racism
Class 1: Effects of Racism and Learning to Decolonize
Internalized Racism • Racial Trauma • Non-Physical Racial Violence • Weathering • Historical Trauma • Emotional Labor * Coping with Racial Trauma
Class 2: Strategies to Effectively Challenge Racism: 101
12-Tips for Confronting Racism and White Privilege • Common Excuses to Deny Racism and White Privilege • Liberal Racism
Class 3: Strategies to Effectively Challenge Racism: 201
Anti-harassment Strategies • Organizational Anti-racism • Duality of Inclusiveness • For Kids • Institutional Change • Anti-Racism Tools and Exercises

All feedback on this course is welcome with gratitude.  Please email peopleschooldc@gmail.com to share any feedback.